Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jim Harrison RIP

Jim died today, at 78. "We loved the earth but could not stay." (Dalva)

He was also responsible, more than any other individual, for getting Querencia  the book published.

More tomorrow, and more from Tim Murphy, including one for Cat, and a reply for Johnny UK, who is-- not sure if Tim realizes-  another Lab man...

UPDATE: Malcolm just sent this moving memorial to Jim by Tom McGuane, from the New Yorker. He died writing.


Lucas Machias said...

it is too bad about Jim.

He will be missed.

I was surprised he and McGuane were not closer.

Anonymous said...

I will be heading up to Antelope Butte soon to walk with my 7 month old Chessie "Kate" in honor of Jim. He will be missed.

Steve Hunts
Bozeman, MT