Monday, April 25, 2016

4000 #2

John Carlson, my best man in my FIRST marriage to Libby (we didn't get divorced in between). Who but a biologist bor in Eastern MT would use his limited baggage allowance to Antarctica to pack a tux to the home colony? Read his blog at Prairie Ice...
To the left, Aldo Leopold; center, Frederick "Hammy" Hamerstrom, mocking him; to the right, Frances Flint Hamerstrom, ornithologist and eagler, who became a friend in her old age. Her childhood mansion became my old school, a very strange school indeed; see ink drawing in first of this series...

Oddest pair of grandmas in the states: my mother, and ranch matriarch (and possible relative) Betty (Gianera) Pound at the rodeo in Truth or Consequences.


Examine-- enlarge-- the top tier..

J & R

With the Rigby-- because he deserved it.

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