Monday, April 25, 2016

4000 # 5

Russ Chatham, artist, writer, entrepreneur, who published Q the book, with my parents in Newburyport, Mass, around 88
Libby with Vadim Gorbatov, who among other things, is responsible for most of my covers, FREE, on Lee Henderson's ranch, where he  sketched the quail represented in the print below. Later at the Spur, he put down about TEN ten- dollar a glass shots of tequila, courtesy of Lee's generosity and to all the cowboys' amazement, saying only "EXCELLENT Mexicanski vodka!

The late James "Viejo" Trujillo, my best man the SECOND time I married Libby,... see below somewheres..
Lib and Ty Scartaccini, now on the town council

John Paul Jones O' Apachito, St Paddy's day, Spur

"Cousin" Sis (Gianera Pound ) Olney, Dutch Salmon. Marya (?) at the Owl Bar in San Antonio NM
Matanza Magdalena, day...

And night-- 24 to 48 hours, sometimes..
Cousin Sis has read more books than you, really. I was reading SYBILLE BEDFORD in the bar once, and her question? "She wouldn't be the one what wrote that big fat bio of Aldous Huxley, would she?" That she also was the first female brand inspector in the US, and breeds her own lion hounds, is almost unfair...

Les Lassez,  now and for over 20 years proprietors of Muleshoe Ranch and our Christmas hosts, soixante - huite and later. We are the only people in the county who know Situationist slogans...

Two of the photos below were taken in Nepal after the quake-- they were on the road to Pokhara when it hit, and I feared we had lost them...
"An unlikely combination of Yosemite Sam and the Maharishi, with a strong emphasis on Sam!" (Libby on Jean- Louis)

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#12 is reminiscent of a Richard Brautigan novel
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Franklin in Chicago