Thursday, June 23, 2016


Raymond Scully checked in to tell me he was doing the reading for the Audible Edition's version of Hounds.

I was delighted, because Raymond had previously read for Eagle Dreams, and had done an incredible job. He studies the manuscript minutely, and asks me about any pronunciation he has doubts about. This time, he sent me some photos of the work in progress so I could understand how he did it. Here they are, and a picture of Raymond toasting me afterwards. As he said "Namaste" AND "Bismillah!" And, yes, after Central Asian custom, I'm doing the second with vodka.


Raymond Scully said...

...and a fine time it was! This book was so easy and fun to read, I really enjoyed the process (and that toast was after the last syllable was read, in case you got the wrong impression from the photo and that last sentence ;). I hope it is as enjoyable to hear. For the hounds in your life, their spirit, in you...? Thanks again for the great material Steve, your heart is really out there to see. Magical, indeed.

Raymond Scully said...
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Retrieverman said...

That page is the beginning of my favorite chapter!

If you're into dogs, real dogs, and exotic places, this is quite a book.