Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Old dog

The tragic thing about Scottish deerhounds is their short life span- even HALF deerhounds, like my old dog Riley (left), may only live nine years.

His brother Ruffus, even bigger- he killed an antelope once- lived to only eight.
So it is with great pleasure that I announce the thirteenth birthday of Margory Cohen's Stella. She looks great, too. Congratulations to you both...


Margory said...

Thank you.
Stella is remarkable.
Exquisite, smart, great good friend and companion -- and moves still "with what dreamy elegant strides."
An honor to be included here.

Tim Murphy said...

Happy birthday, Stella!

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered if our Uhmarekin Scottish Deerhounds shorter lifespan may be due to too much AKC show inbreeding, as well as the size. Large size isn't always a lifespan shortener--take the Anatolians in the previous post--they can be quite long-lived for such a large breed! Of course now that the AKC has recognized them, perhaps not THAT bloodline of Anatolians.....But about the only Scottish Deerhounds I've known of in the U. S. A. are from show bred bloodlines, alas. Perhaps the "American Staghounds" have better longevity? Regardless, long live Scottish Deerhounds, and congrats indeed Stella!.....L.B.