Monday, August 01, 2016

Isabella's pups

..In Virginia- 5 boys,  5 girls:

0ur pick is the small brown- collared girl, who has a white blaze and the prospect of a dark muzzle and ears. She might resemble the late lamented Pax. They, and Ataika, are all closely related. Our current thought on a name is Alema, Kazakh for Milky Way, after Lauren's Kazakh eagle.



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Anonymous said...

Awright! WHAT a small world this computer contrapshun has created! Never would have heard of any of you suckers without it, and STILL haven't met(or even spoken to any of you on the phone.....) except, of course, Vladimir Beregovoy, who gave me my two Tazis Boyz(nuts and all), and the Baileys who visited--oh, 63 days or so ago?--with Isabella! Here's to a functioning, HUNTING coo-op for salukoids--no dumb co-ownerships, no ridiculous price tags or stud fees, no anal breeding control contracts--just salukoid lovers who want functional, healthy dogs that do not require bank loans to acquire, or conformist politics from anal, very narrow-minded(non-functional) primates........ I always like to at least try and name my dogs from the languages of the tribes and people and country of breed origin if I can. I've had some exotic call-names over the years, with Central African Basenjis, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, North African Azawakh, Turkish bred Saluki, Lakota-named wolf hybrids, and Southern hound dogs and curs. I had no Kazakhstan language sources for my Tazi Boyz(alas), but figured Russian names(in honor of Vladimir) would suffice--hence the father of these pups Bouriy( meaning "Beige" as in color, and which Vladimir informed me is also the term used for a golden colored Brown Bear in Russia), and Yantar(meaning "Amber")--Bouriy's very quirky(but FUNCTIONAL!)little brother! And again, for those out there accusing me and the Baileys of being "Backyard Breeders" because we didn't follow (Nazi Anal) AKC protocol(the pups ARE registerable with the far less anal UKC), I REFUTE that, and have the photographic evidence to verify that! We bred those dogs in my FRONT YARD!.......L.B.