Thursday, September 29, 2016

More George

......Some serious- and silly- photos. I think Karen did the painting, which was on the casket:

Blogger, my host for over a decade, has seen fit without warning today to go to an all code format - all HTML - which means that all editing is impossible for non-coders until it is entirely done, and it is difficult then. I am a fair coder for a FUCKING NON CODER, but I will take the blog out of Blogspot if this continues. It is one more aggravation than an old man is willing to put up with. FYI


Peculiar said...

Steve, I just glanced at my blogger interface, and it's the same as it's been for a long time, complete with non-HTML option. Maybe it's a temporary glitch? Otherwise, check your settings, or have someone else take a look.

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting of pix...I have never-ending crazy ones of him...he lust for life will be missed. Hopefully I can get some of that zest back