Thursday, February 23, 2017

Adventures and Associates

I am going to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale this weekend. I've been falling down a lot, which is no fun, and I really can't type --

Luckily, sometimes someone comes along at the right time. My long-time veterinarian, Terri Gonzales, has a sister who can quote Kipling, Oscar Wilde, and Dorothy Parker, and is willing to work for reasonable money. From now on, she is at least partly the Voice of Bodio. Wish her luck.

Doug and Andrea Peacock suggested that I could sell my archives/library to one of the universities of Texas for a good sum, and have lifetime  use of them. Next, Andrea suggested that she and her brother might want to start their own archives, and still pay well. In this case, I'm hoping that Pat is going to become an archivist. Have no fear, Associate: we can do it!!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck at the Clinic Steve!

You have been an example to us all of how not to let a dreadful health problem get to you ( too Much!!).

Wonderful that you have ben able to draft I some help as well- "Ministering Angels!!" - best wishes to them too..............

If you can get an advance from a Uni. for archives, and still have access, that sounds a deal not to be missed to me, so maybe things are looking up, just little? , for once !

Best to all

John & June

bill gilchrist said...

I'm here, Steve, if you need anything while you're nearby. - Bill 602-370-1989

bill gilchrist said...
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Pip said...

Good luck at the clinic--glad to hear you have helping hands around!

Steve Bodio said...

Bill -- thanks, but it was much to exhausting to think about visiting. We ended up ordering all our meals in the room. See us out here sometime when we can relax.0