Sunday, April 16, 2017

Humor from Annie D

"He was such a good dog, very strange breed, and didn't train well, but a good boy nonetheless"


Anonymous said...

Sad, and poignant to many of us, I am sure.
A brilliant young Brittany we had was so difficult to control , that, despite all efforts , she unfortunately "escaped " one afternoon, and before we could call her back, she was under a car , too , so upsetting .

BUT, lesson learned, and 4 fully trained, FT Stock, Labs later, I now believe that getting the right breed to suit your circumstances is the first step!!


Steve Bodio said...

But John- it is a WHITE TAILED DEER, not a dog-- and it is dead,and the sign says 'get well'.

Peter Webb said...

The comment about being a strange breed and hard to train seems to fit clueless people who find and adopt some non-domesticated species such as a fox.

The photo is on I've seen before.... it's a nice wry poke at those who imagine that animals live in some Disney-world where nobody dies in a nasty fashion. Living in the real world requires being comfortable with death. Bambi does not live forever in Eden.

Not that the death of those we love is ever entirely "comfortable". This morning, as I walked out to the yard fence to "admire the view", I spoke to two small graves. A pair of terriers who loved to hunt above all else. There are others, but they are other individuals and never entirely replace those that are gone.

Annie D said...

Steve, you get me. Thank you!

BellaTerra66 said...

Extremely good article about you (and your wife, menagerie, friends and Magdalena in the May issue of NM Magazine. I've read it three times. Very impressed. So sorry about the Parkinson's -- really. //// When I retired 11 years ago, I moved from Southern CA, where I had been for 57 years, to Albuquerque. The very first place I visited was The VLA. Fell in love with Magdalena. I get down there about 2-3 times a year -- the next time I'm down there I'll ask about you. :-) //// The second time I visited Magdalena, I spent the night. I ate breakfast at the only restaurant that was open around 7 a.m. I walked in -- and there were ALL THESE MEN. No women except the waitress. I sat down, and I must have looked as uncomfortable as I felt, because he waitress came over and smiled to me, "These guys are harmless -- and they're all related to me." :-) //// Maybe I'll see you and your wife sometime when I'm down there again. Which is going to be soon -- The VLA is having some big thing the first weekend in June (if I remember correctly). Take care.

Anonymous said...

Well, let that be a lesson to all those folks that let their pet deer run loose without supervision in urban areas! It is the OWNER'S fault for not having leashed their ungulate!!!.....L.B.