Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Girls Play

Once again we have a Girls' Act. Bobo has regressed her great aunt to about 18 months old (from 14 years).  They play and pop and flirt as long as anyone stays awake.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows Turcoman tazis. Ataika's mother was 14 when she had her and 21 when she died, Her grandmother attained 19, If she were at "home" she would probably sill be jumping off the backs of camels.
Almaty- Taik on left just two months younger than Bo       

Be patient -- real content is coming.

By the way -- does anyone have any trouble seeing the usual background for this blog? At this point we're just seeing white space down here...


Federico said...

All good with the background for me -- eagerly awaiting more content. Now I gotta go catch some fish I'm afraid.

Taku said...

Good background too. Hope the summer in Magdelena is going well

Margory said...

Perfect background here- photos of the Girls' Act and that artwork show beautifully against it.
When I lived with a deerhound girls act - to see their every day interaction/conversation, was no small thrill, too.