Friday, October 20, 2017

Old Times

A tribute to my bouncer, or as we usually said "doorman" days in Cambridge and Somerville, and yes it was that bad . I was known as "the mean little one who looks like Jim Morrison". I was not "mean"; it is just that at 5' 8" I could not LOOM like my Alberta- born Viking friend John Brakke.)

Curiously I met two present friends there, meeting them for the first time in those very different circumstances: Laramie professor Carlos Martinez del Rio (didn't let him in: looked to young for his Mexican I D, blood on shirt, English accent and Mexican I D. "Wewere just at the Mosh pit in the Rat!" he protests today; and sheep rancher Pieter Ditmars

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Anonymous said...

Hi Libby & Steve

So pleased Libby has returned to Hearth & Home, and you will spend more time together. Do hope it all works out....

New bird sounds like you were feted to share lives! Hope you have many happy hunts together .

You are always in our thoughts

John & June