Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mary T . M. Bodio 1925 - 2018

My mother, Mary Theresa McCabe Bodio, died last night after a long twilight fade. As my sister Karen said "She was a tough old broad." A genteel woman, she probably wouldn't have liked that.

She was beautiful, talented, more intelligent than she often pretended. She also could be a difficult woman.The last time I saw her, her first words to me were "You look old!" (I did).

She was an artist, at times a serious one, and above all, she would say, mother of nine children, of which I am the eldest. She will be mourned by many. I shall write more about her, but not today.
Happily painting in the 80's.
In this next one, perhaps a decade later, out of her element and enjoying it: at the Truth or Consequences rodeo with the late ranch matriarch Betty Pound.


Peculiar said...

Memory eternal! I wish I had been able to see her more - she was always thoughtful and gracious to her far-away step-grandson. And I remain ever fond of her Salmon River painting that she gave us for a wedding present.

Anonymous said...

Mary was such a delightful lady. Ralph and I were glad we had the pleasure to know her. She had a wonderful life and will be missed by many. God grant her eternal rest and peace. Mary Mills

Matthew Mullenix said...

An accomplished life!

Anonymous said...

I was sad never to know you Mother Steve, but Peculiar has posted such a sensitive eulogy for a Great Life - Our thought are with you all.

JohnnyUK and June

Teddy Moritz said...

Condolences Steve. Mothers are always special.

Retrieverman said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. I'm so glad you had her for a mother. Your writing life surely stemmed in part from her lessons.