Friday, January 05, 2018

What Remains 4-- Association copies.

I have LOTS of them, and will feature more.
The thrush decoy or "Appu" is from Provence- I bought it from a young hunter named Fabre, while staying in his town researching Fabre, the first great student of insect BEHAVIOR, a self- taught peasant who impressed Darwin to the point of writing a fan letter which I have held in these two hands (it GUSHED). Fabre knew nothing aboout his namesake but that there was a statue of him in the town square of Serignan de Comtat. He had a muzzle loading 32 (?) gauge hammer gun with 36' barrels, which he used to shoot sitting songbirds.

The hood is a rather rudimentary one but it was made for me by a genuine Afghan Prince, Sirdar Muhamad Osman, who was a constant correspondent. The hood fit the Grive well...

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