Wednesday, January 03, 2018

What remains 2: Pigeons

Four pairs, all my self- invented NM Rafenos with a touch of homer, Beauty Homer, and Spanish Barb. The Carriers were just too wild for an old man--TWO hitting the wire and breaking their necks when a  Coop flew by? ( I SAW one do it!)

More to come..

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Anonymous said...

My brother has been feeding a pair of Eurasian collared doves for the last 9 months after they started appearing on his balcony ... which led to my giving him your pigeon book as a gift. Then his idea became to furnish them a coop. Well, they are not using the coop as of yet. But it's up to three of the collared doves now cooing down his chimney if they think there's not enough feed. And lately a persian highflyer has become the most regular guest spending a lot of time on the balcony -not yet using the coop either- and being quite docile. Much to the enjoyment of my brother.
Thanks for posts. And here definitely looking forward to new books!