Monday, May 07, 2018


..everything. But I m now convinced that my karate- competitor neurologist, Dr Jill Marjama-Lyons, will do the operation or operations to correct the mistakes made by... another team.

My impatience is palpable, but we are all keeping a sense of humor. A new drug schedule has me moving again. A bird or birds (Bill?) will help. I think it was Daniel Riviera's guru, Ed Pitcher, who famously said "Raptors or Valium", or as we ruder types say, "Raptors or Heroin!" Some progress in writing too. Writing: Book of Books Version 2 is off the stasis point, thank God. I am hoping for help on the Passenger Pigeon book, and that a new electronic "ear" will help Lib take dictation. House remodeling advances. Life can still be good.

TK: Russ Chatham returns, the guns, and something astronomical from Jack and Eli..

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Good luck with all the medical and "structural" procedures- May they all bring better wellbeing to your lives - "All life is Good!"

We are all getting older and crankier!- I have a full,right knee replacement in view on 17th August - It must be fully restored by end Oct, for the Pheasant season starts then in earnest over here!

Amazingly , I see that Norwegian Air do a return flight, London - Denver, from £350!!- So you never know, I may just turn up one day!!

Love to all

John & June