Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Real Life in Kamchatka

Just got this remarkable photo from Vladimir Beregovoy of a Kamchatkan feeding some very polite dogs slices of seal meat.

Valdimir says "Steve and Libby, I just received this wonderful picture taken in Kamchatka. Local people feed their dogs. The picture is highly recommended for animal rightists."

The photo is by Arthur Chubarkin, a noted Russian traveler. His friend wrote to Vladimir: "In the picture are his dogs of his sled dog team, which he takes to the North Pole. He participated in may expeditions, including circumpolar international ones. In the picture, a Chukcha national is feeding his dogs-- he is a caretaker there".


Anonymous said...

I suppose the animal rights people would prefer the dogs to be fed with processed, soya based food, flown in daily, with all the consequent effects on our Environment - as the French would so eloquently say "Vivre la Vie Durable!"( et Traditionelle!)


Борис Широкий said...

Здесь неточность.Это не Камчатка, а Чукотка. Камчатских лаек так хорошо не кормят.