Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anti- Dog Dog Laws

From the Sportsman's and Animal Owners Voting Alliance, the latest on the LA dog ordinance:

"Los Angeles County has passed an ordinance that requires all dogs to be sterilized and microchipped, effective June 3, 2006. It applies only to those dogs kept in unincorporated areas, but cities such as Los Angeles are being urged to enact similar requirements. Should the cities follow suit, 10 million people will be soon be so regulated, more than the population in *forty-four* states. Dogs may be exempt from this requirement if they are registered with an approved registry and are either titled, entered in an approved competition annually, or owned by an individual belonging to a dog club with *enforced breeding restrictions*. Animal rightists are currently fighting to further tighten these exemptions' details. Required intact licenses for breedable dogs cost $60 per year; altered ones cost $20. Litters must be reported to the county, as must every puppy buyer's identity. Additional requirements and penalties of this sterilize and track program may be found at http://animalcontrol.co.la.ca.us/html/Main1.htm. LA County says it's hiring additional animal control officers to go door to door to enforce this anti-breeder ordinance.

As I wrote to Matt:

"It is sobering to think that my "genetic gold" tazis, the only ones in North America, are not in an approved registry and would not be exempt. Even if they were dual registered as salukis the other regs would not apply.

"And of course they also offend by being working hunting coursing dogs!"

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