Friday, October 27, 2006


Patrick sent me this item: a foxhound pack in England is flying a hybrid eagle at foxes.

IF-- very big "if"-- the bird is very well- trained and, above all, the dogs are accustomed to it, this could work-- after all, hounds, eagles, and horses work together every winter in Asia.

But most likely this isn't so. I fear Patrick's scenario: "Let's see -- amped up hounds, lots of people, a couple hundred horses, a panicked fox, and someone in a coat and tie handling a massive Golden Eagle cross in the middle of it all. Madness on stilts if you ask me! When the eagle is injured or killed, it will be described as an "accident" rather than planned stupidity".

Only it may not be the eagle that gets killed...

(And will someone tell me why anyone would dilute the genes of a Golden with those of a gerbil- eating Steppe??)


Mark said...

I suspect the Eagle may simply be there for effect, with no real intention of actually flying it.

If it was used I see a recipe for disaster! However it may thin out a few anti hunt protestors intent on saving the fox from the eagle!!

As for Hounds passing by Pheasants etc. It would be slightly different if the bird was attached to the fox as the eagle would be. It would be a difficult task to prevent a pack of Hounds going into a spitting screaming fox with the Eagle atop it.

Matt Mullenix said...

Steve, those Steppe genes may actually save the lives of a few inexperienced eagle-men. :-)