Friday, June 01, 2007

New Mammals!

I mentioned that Darren has been busy but I would hardly have imagined his news: an announcement of not just one or two but many "new" large mammal species from Amazonia.

All are the discoveries of Marc van Roosmalen, and appear at Tetrapod Zoology with his permission. Marc's new website, full of material, is here.

This is the first in a series at Darren's. I'll try to get some pics. Darren covers peccaries and tapirs in the first, and announces:

"More in part II: more peccaries, new brockets, dwarf manatee, dwarf boto, black giant otter and others. Part III will cover lots of new monkeys, and part IV the new giant anteater and the onça-canguçú, a new big cat. Oh yes."


"Life has not stopped and the world is not really a museum, yet"-- Ted Hughes

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Reid Farmer said...

This just reminded me of the passage in Berndt Heinrich's new book, where he says that his father's expedition to Tanganyika in the early 60s was the last of the old style biology missions where the expectation was you'd come back from the field with a whole list of new species!