Friday, June 22, 2007

St. Mary's Glacier

On Father's Day I was given the opportunity to pick what I wanted to do for the day, so I picked a hike in the mountains. We decided to go to St. Mary's Glacier in Clear Creek County near the community of Alice. It's not a tough trail, only 1-1/2 to 2 miles round trip. The trail head is at about 10,300 ft and the foot of the snow field is at about 11,000 ft. You can see specks (I hope) in the snow field in this picture which are people playing in the snow.

Melt water from the snow field runs off to the south in a small creek that has been dammed to make St. Mary's Lake. Slopes on the west side of the lake still carry some snow that looks nice as it reaches the lake.

Here's the view south across the lake.

As it is direct snow melt, believe me, that water is cold. Maggie put her front feet in once while getting a drink and after that would have none of getting in the lake.

People wandered in the snow field, many tourists drawn by the novelty of snow in June.

Also saw this skier. I was hoping he would stop and strap on his skiis so I could catch him coming downhill. But he just kept trudging on up the whole time we were there.

Sadie and Maggie found the snow refreshing. It was a warm day.

Here's Connie and Sadie on our way back down the hill. Nice way to spend Father's Day.

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Leigh Ann said...

Wow! Looks like an awesome place. My husband and I are planning on going next month. Was there a lot of people hiking when you went?