Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eight (count 'em, 8)

Some quirk of Blogger prevents me from putting a title to this post in the proper place. But you get the picture.

Patrick has graciously infected us with another blog-cootie--a blootie, if you will---called Eight Random Things.

The rules of this meme: Explain the rules; name eight random things about yourself; pass it along.

The rules about the rules: All rules are made to be broken. Therefore I propose Steve and Reid and I each name 2.6 random things about each other.

Random Thing 1) Steve deliberated at some length about whether to leave the oxtail cooking on the wood stove while we went down the street to meet Libby. In the balance of this deliberation hung the fate of meat (no small consideration) and a good time (ditto) and the general uncertainty of the universe, which reserves the right to burn anyone's house down.

Random Thing 2) Reid once almost made a trip to Baton Rouge to meet me, and might yet. Such a meeting would bring together two sides of a cosmic triangle, leaving the third span to be bridged by a joint Querencia meeting at the annual Quemado Street Party and Brawl.

Random Thing 2.6) Mid July is the time of year we can mark as the beginning of the end of Summer, as evidenced by...?

Random enough for you? Take it away, boys.


Steve Bodio said...

Naah-- I'm gonna do EIGHT. But maybe two about you two.

Main theme: coincidence loops. Like, you know, the China connection...

Matt Mullenix said...

Alright then---just trying to save you a few brain cells! :-)

paul said...

as evidenced by...the return of rufous hummers to Tijeras

Matt Mullenix said...

Paul, thanks! That's the sort of thing I was looking for. :-)

For me here it's the fledging of Mississippi kites, the last of the raptors to raise young and the first to leave. Fall starts when they go.

Any other local answers out there?