Sunday, July 22, 2007

From Steve

Dear all,

Internets still screwed but:

(1) I am halfway, the worst half, through on the book and if I have a peaceful week-- unlikely-- I could be all drafted in a week.

(2) As of last night they will pay my way air & in- country to go to Almaty for the Primitive Dog Breeds thing 10 September, and Libby likely has enough frequent flyer mile to go too.

Now all I have to do is secure permissions for 100 illustrations for the book, and get out of jury duty.

In frenzied haste,



prairie mary said...

Matt and Steve,

Good news. But also I wanted to say that I have an eMAC, quite like Steve's, and have had to wrestle with it a bit lately. One of my "breakthru" discoveries seems to be that if one will leave one's eMac on and attached to the Internet overnight, it will automatically do a lot of self-healing -- a kind of re-install from headquarters that does a lot of reconciling and updating. Might be worth a try. It seems to have helped here.

Now if I could update my "wetware"...

Prairie Mary

Annie D said...

And crate fare for puppies? Which direction?