Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's almost time

(Thank God-- it has been a long summer!)

Photo by Paul Domski.



Paul said...

Thanks Steve,
Saluki (Rupert) by Arabesque, staghound (Rozi) by Hise.


Dan & Margaret said...

I hear you, Steve. We were sorely tempted to get up reeeeeally early one morning when we came out last week, and go out and run the dogs.. but repaying the sleep debt from the drive won out in the end. :)

Garrett said...

My saluki and whippet are thinking the same thing. I have not forgotten how flat and woderful for running NM is. I'm in AZ now, pretty impossible to course. But a trip to Corralitos is in order!

Dan & Margaret said...

Unfortunately the Corralitos is pretty barren of jacks lately. It's been overgrazed, but there are still areas around Deming with some good chases to be had... We'll be there come January. :^)