Monday, August 20, 2007

Recommended Reading

Fellow falconer, writer and digger-to-dogs, Teddy Moritz of New Jersey, offers her recent fave reads and allows us to share them with you:

"After reading Lyall Watson's wonderfully informative book 'Elephantoms' about his youth in South Africa and the disappearing herd of elephants, plus a knowledgeable but shadowy native figure named Kamma, I read his book 'Jacobson's Organ'. Goodness, there's more to scent than I imagined. Some of his explanations help make sense (so to speak) of how the dachshunds' noses perceive their environment.

"On a totally different topic, do read Kate Braestrup's 'Here If You Need Me'. Whoever thought the Maine Game Wardens would have/need a chaplain, much less a female chaplain? An absolutely heart wrenching, heart warming, heart breaking, heart filling book, overflowing with love, wit and humor. I only hope Ms. Braestrup writes again, and again. Matt, hug your children as you read it."

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