Monday, August 06, 2007

Steve Kestrel

I just did some catalogue copy for a show by the wonderful sculptor Steve Kestrel at the Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, where many of my friends exhibit their work.

I have a copy of the second work on this page.(Click to enlarge).

This photo is of course nicer than these, taken on my kitchen table, but doesn't show how it works. Steve's pieces often show his whimsy and humor as well as his eye for natural beauty.

I was startled and delighted when the mail brought me further treat from Steve: a smaller sculpture, in the form of a bolo tie, as a token of thanks. I do not wear bolos but I'd put this one on!

Ironically, for someone who preference in ties is a pattern of discreet Churchillian dots (well, I also have an African wildlife tie designed and personally inscribed to me by the late Simon Combes, who ran afoul of a Cape buffalo a few years back), I now own the two most original bolos in the West. Next post...

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PainterP said...

Cool art work. To read more on Steve Kestrel check out:

this article.