Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This Story Has Legs

I just saw this bizarre story in today's Denver Post. In Valencia County, New Mexico, just south of Albuquerque, two human legs were recovered from an irrigation ditch last month. No other body parts were found, and though the legs were found several days apart, they were both wearing the same type boot and both had had replacement knee surgery. By tracking down the serial numbers on the artificial knees they were able to identify the victim.

Got some pretty sharp CSI work going on down your way, Steve.

Sorry for the pun.


Steve Bodio said...

Actually saw it on our always- sensationalistic evening news but didn't think to blog it-- it ws last week when I was slamming away at the book. "Man, my dog went down there and when I saw what he had..."

prairie mary said...

They say it is become a problem for morticians that people have so many implanted parts these days. Esp. the battery-operated ones, like Cheney's heart, have a tendency to explode in the crematorium. Does the mortician dig around in the body to look for stuff? If the implants are still useful, can the mortician sell them or donate them for use with someone else?

When I was doing animal control, a dog brought home a human hand. It turned out that a sub-medical-type school, physical therapy or something, had bought it to educate the students about hand anatomy. It had no implants and there were no comments on its manicure. The school had been moving and left their packing boxes unguarded long enough for the dog to help himself.

Prairie Mary