Monday, October 22, 2007

First of the Season

Our first snow storm of the season hit early Sunday morning and left us with 6-7 inches of wet snow.

This view of the deck gives you a little better idea of how much accumulation we had.

It really was very wet snow. The peach trees on the east side of the house still have their leaves and were bent nearly double by the weight of the snow. I spent quite a while knocking it off the limbs.

Sadie has finally decided that playing in the snow really is a lot of fun. Just to show how volatile the weather is here in Colorado, the high temperature on Saturday just before the storm was 80 degrees. And the forecast high for day after tomorrow is 74.

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Isaac Nichols アイザック ニコルス said...

My wife dreads the snow. When I woke up while she was in a sleepy daze making a bottle for the baby I went over to our window and opened the blinds...that woke her up quick! Fun stuff. I love it!!