Monday, October 22, 2007

Major Find at the Whydah Wreck

I've posted several times about underwater archaeology at the wreck of the Whydah, an 18th century pirate ship sunk off the Massachusetts coast. A couple of months back it was announced that a 4,000 pound metal concretion had been discovered in the wreck. Steve's sister Karen Bodio-Graham has passed along this article from a local paper that tells of its recovery. The main part of the mass of metal has been identified as the ship's "caboose" or iron cook stove. Apparently all sorts of other metal and organic items have been fused together with the stove in this big concretion. I'm sure the conservators will be years figuring out what all is in there

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Karen said... the way my son Evan's favorite word while outside getting dirty is concretion! he shows you any and everything found in the dirt..."Mom it's a concretion, see?"