Friday, November 09, 2007


A guitar that looks like an AK 47. I agree with Mr. Massie.

Sippican on creativity. (He builds fine furniture).

"There's a mindset that's de rigeur these days that rules are for schmucks....(snip)

"What utter bosh. Michaelangelo Buonnarotti Simoni painted some interesting things, and he labored under plenty of constraints, including: don't piss off your patron, he can have you killed AND excommunicated. It didn't seem to take much off his fastball. But let's give the Rousseau "Noble Savage" wannabes the benefit of the doubt. Let's imagine we let the old chiseler off the hook from Pope Julius. Paint what ever you want, Mikie. Do you really think he'd paint something better than the Sistine Chapel? Why stop there? Let's take it as far as modern artists do. Why not have Michaelangelo paint with his feet, using yogurt instead of paint, and a toilet brush for his stylus? That should free up his creative juices, huh?" (Snip)

"As I was saying, commodity, firmness, and delight. Sounds easy enough. Let's see you do it. It's easy to blaze a trail if you start out by saying wheels should be square instead of round, or made from spaghetti. You'll get Yoko Ono sized plaudits in the art magazines for that, but the cart still won't go. Your mission, if you live in that world, is to find a patron that wants an odd useless cart. And has a trust fund too."

He should write a book, too. RTWT. Read the whole BLOG. (He also posts at the hilarious Borderline Sociopathic Blog for Boys.

Darren has been writing fascinating posts on frog relationships and evolution (start here and go up-- as always, lots of other good zoology at Tet Zoo too). He got an unusual response from one Digital Cuttlefish, an evo- bio poet, which I print in full:

I think I never saw a blog
So keen to celebrate the frog.

A blog that finds the anurans'
A tale at least as cool as man's;

A blog that looks at tetrapods
Which, over eons, beat the odds;

A blog that posts on what may be
Transitional morphology;

Reporting on the Pipoid classic,
Whose family tree has roots Jurassic.
I have found frogs, in wood and bog
But learned much more within this blog.

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Neutrino Cannon said...

Not an AK-47, AK-74, at least for the two on the right. Look at the magazines; they have less curvature and are made from bakelite instead of stamped steel.

< /firearms pedantry>

That was one of the odd things about the Soviet Union; they kept making things out of bakelite long after the West had moved on to more advanced plastics.

-R. A. W.