Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One More Pic

For the bird people: one of Jacob Sewell's new pigeons, a black- winged gold Archangel. They are among the most colorful of domestic pigeons, irridescent as can hardly be shown in a photo, and their name probably derives from the French 'arc- en- ciel': rainbow.


Anonymous said...

RE pigeons

This link about a pyramid sceme using pigeons (in both senses of the term)is amazing. It was on the CBC national news but I couldn't find the video link.


Steve Bodio said...

All I can get is "Sorry, this url contains an invalid document id. Please check your url or click Back and try again. Could you cut, pate & email?

Anonymous said...

Odd that the link failed as it worked for me.

maybe try this link or google waterloo pigeon farm or google Randy Boswell pigeon farm

Pigeon King president Arlan Galbraith is the one accused.