Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Taking 'em to the woodshed

Noting Steve's recent post on his New Year's coursing run, our wonderfully ferocious friend Teddy Moritz sent this picture and note about her lurcher, Kell. Her suggested caption, "Meanwhile, back East, a lurcher without many coursing opportunities uses his time in the woods well."

Teddy writes: "This is Kell, named by a friend for the Irish Book of Kells, son of my Hancock lurcher Celtic, now deceased. Kell was owned by a friend out west for four years but she never used him for anything except as a yard dog who caught ground squirrels. I've had him since May and his life has turned around. He's very obedient, very useful and just a nice dog. He's a lurcher to lurcher cross."

I asked Teddy if she could add any favorite squirrel recipes and she wrote back, "steam 'till soft then cook like chicken, or make a stew in crock pot, or fry, or....." In other words, it's all good.
"However," she adds, "having a hawk and seven dogs to feed, Carl and I don't eat much squirrel."


Henry Chappell said...

I'm always amazed that such large dogs can catch squirrels in the woods. Quick little feists and rat terriers catch them sometimes - but not often.

My Maggie is a real speedster among German shorthairs, and she can't even catch a fox squirrel, let alone the much quicker gray squirrel. Believe me; she's tried.

Steve Bodio said...

Though he doesn't much look it, Kell is some kind of relative of my Plummer, the spotted dog in my post.

And of course we have Lil the dachs, still fiesty at almost twelve, who was bred by Teddy.

Henry Chappell said...

I was so focused on Kell that I missed the shotgun. Does he tree squirrels?

Peter said...

The popular Southern delicacy Brunswick stew, today made with chicken, was originally made with squirrel.