Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daily Show: Pacelle "More of a gatherer..."

Anne D. sent this link to a Daily Show segment featuring (lampooning, actually) a PA attempt to legalize for hunting the ancient projectile weapon known as the atlatl.

A local atlatl enthusiast finds himself ribbed by Daily Show field correspondent Jason Jones and takes it in stride. Providing the counter argument is well-coifed HSUS President Wayne Pacelle. The Daily Show correspondent gives Wayne a bit of the business also, summing up his anti-hunting stance as one held by "more of a gatherer." Wink.

Whatever your position on (way, way) primitive technology in modern hunting, note the incredible accuracy of these spear chuckers!

Reid? Care to add context?

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Neutrino said...

They didn't mention that Alabama already allows the use of atlatls in hunting deer.

I know it's a comedy segment, so perhaps the Humane Society's position was played up? Atlatl darts have lower velocity than arrows, but much more mass and much higher sectional density. IIRC, the conquistadors found that they had a disturbing tendency to penetrate armor. Tipped with an appropriate broadhead, they should have no difficulty reaching vital organs. Killing power should be better than a bow, and we allow those, right?

As a personal aside, I was introduced to this wonderful bit of primitive technology in the fourth grade by my teacher who was very much an archaeology/anthropology buff. I went home after class that day to construct one out of newspaper, which I promptly used to terrorize my siblings.

-R. A. Wilderson