Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wood Heat

Also from the New York Times: annoying poor people are firing up their dirty old woodstoves. I'll give up my grimy old stove (80+ years-- the woman who sold me the house, in her seventies, said it was their only heat and cook stove when she was young, and not new) when the Times buys me a new one!

The stove, with nasty ash etc.

The remains of this year's wood pile and a start on the next's. Can't have too much wood; besides, new wood has to age.


Anonymous said...

So what is the problem with wood burning stoves?
They are at last being recognised as being less carbon polluting than fossil fuels, and the fuel source is renewable !
Modern, high efficiency stoves like these made by France Turbo,(see france-turbo.com )- We have a new one , burn very small quantities of dry, seasoned wood, more like a controlled furnace, and produce only a bucketful of face powder like ash a SEASON, and NO SMOKE!- so what is the problem ?


Anonymous said...

Johnny uk has given me and David a serious case of woodstove lust with the link to the French stoves. We have an old one that is fussy and we love it dearly, we also burn wood and try to stay at least one or 2 years ahead so our wood is dried. Thanks to all for the sanity I gain each day from visiting with you...Maggie in WI

Chas S. Clifton said...

You know we heat with wood with propane just as backup, but the fine layer of ash in the living room is a nuisance, not to mention that bits of twig and bark everywhere.

By the end of winter, I am looking forward to being done with the mess--but then we open the windows and dust blows in.