Sunday, March 16, 2008

Unspeakable Allies

ANOTHER "You Can't Make It Up" moment: Ingrid "Holocaust on your plate" and "A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy" Newkirk has bonded with "Hang 'em if they won't fight" dogfighter Michael Vick.

"Vick, demonized by PETA for more than a year, could become the bridge in this divide. Newkirk struck up a relationship with Vick beginning last fall when he visited PETA headquarters in Norfolk, Va. Vick impressed her.

" “We told him that he had to put away his mobile phone for the day; he couldn’t have his bodyguard with him for the day,” she said. “He came here and he was very respectful. He sat the whole day and we showed him videos about who animals are and how sensitive and emotional they are and how, like a child, you can ruin them by abusing them.” "

Jesus.Wept. I'm sure he will consider that in the future, as OJ continues to look for the real killers.

HT Tom McIntyre (I have fiction in that anthology BTW), whose excellent and erudite new book on optics I must review soon.

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