Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Condor

I thought I would post this image of the cover of the February issue, just in case you had any questions about how the editorial staff feels about wind turbines.


dr. hypercube said...

"to everything,
tern, tern,tern..."

I thought wind turbine designers had hugely reduced avian mortality - slower rotation etc. Not true?

Matt Mullenix said...

Slower rotation X 1000% increase in number of units might not = an improvement...

But Reid actually knows something about these things so I defer to him.

What's the story Reid? Any developments on this front?

Anonymous said...

I have been intensely looking into this as they are going to place some in our county right along the Miss Flyway,,and obviously have strong
feelings about this danger to what I love most in the world..

Just like the the well financed lobbyists for confined animal feeding operations, the lobbyists for the wind industry have gotten state laws changed so that there is absolutely no local control or wildlife experts' input in siting these huge wind towers. (the tips of blades can travel at 150 mph) Here in Wi, by recently manipulated state law,
the final arbitor is the Public Service Commission which couldn't care less about flyways, habitat fragmentation, or any wildlife impact at all, and they are free to ignore researchers input on placement, which they do. At the rate these go up (the blades trace a little less than
an acre space in the air) they will be devastating for migrating and resident birds and bats. People should read the Wildlife Society Bulletin on this. read it carefully.