Friday, May 30, 2008

Peru Guards Its Guano as Demand Soars Again

The NY Times tells us that the demand for guano (bird droppings) is rising due to the petroleum-related cost rise for synthetic fertilizer and guano's increased use as a fertilizer for organic foods. The article gives a very interesting narrative of the effect of guano mining on Peruvian history and the natural environment of the area.

You can't blame the Peruvians for clamping down on control of this resource. With economic conditions as they are, what else were they guano do?

The Times also is carrying a tangentially related article illustrating the current economic climate: As Oil Prices Soar, Restaurant Grease Thefts Rise.


Matt Mullenix said...


Chas S. Clifton said...

Let us never forget the Guano War! Viva Peru!

Reid Farmer said...

Well, Matt, just add *rolls eyes* and you'd sound just like my kids.

Chas - the article sorta hinted at the war but didn't do it justice