Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bird Update

They grow a lot in four weeks, don't they?


Matt Mullenix said...

Yes and he's gorgeous!

But you know the longest stretch is still ahead of you. It always seems to me like 1 million years between that stage and when the thing is sitting on his first head of game.

That ain't no sharp-shin Steve. :-)

Steve Bodio said...

Training process is LOONNGG with these guys, agreed. But somehow fun because of their playfulness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Libbty & Steve

Great looking bird- and Libby looks througly relaxed and in proud , "Happy Maternal" mode!- maybe not so much when clearing up after him .


mdmnm said...

Hard to believe that is the same bird we saw just a couple of weeks ago!

Rebecca K. O'Connor said...

Yep. I'm jealous.