Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Links

Patrick's link in the comments below got broken but I think THIS may have been it.

In my youth I once had a romance with a woman whom I initially impressed by telling her she reminded me of Emma Peel. Unfortunately the resemblance was only to her looks...

And (on a linked subject?): what is it with these po- mo Barbies??

I mean, the leather n' lace ones have a certain.. appeal (though for kids?!)

But what is with the Pooper Scooper Barbie, complete with... poop, apparently?

Or The Birds Barbie, with attacking crows?

UPDATE: Annie D sends in a YouTube commercial for Poop Barbie.


Nightmare said...

Barbie is obviously catering to two markets: kids (Pooper Scooper Barbie), and the collector market (Black Canary, the Birds.) The collector Barbies also cross into other collector markets (comics books for Black Canary, Hitchcock and movie buffs for the Birds.) The collector market is a weird one.

I work in the comic book industry and it caters very heavily to the collector market. I really despise multiple covers and even after 15 years in this job I still cannot understand people who MUST BUY EVERY COVER OR THE WORLD WILL END. Just don't get it.

gwood said...

"Unfortunately the resemblance was only to her looks..."
Most of us would be satisfied with that.

dr. hypercube said...

modern_fred comes through with more Mrs. Peel goodness here and here.

Heather said...

When I was mocking my husband for being a bit too enraptured with the Avengers boxed set I bought him, he explained his adolescent psychosexual development this way:

"You don't get it. Emma Peel is my sexual orientation."

Not a bad thing at all.

I could say the same about Harrison Ford.