Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Memoriam: Bear and Bidaari

Bear, one of the last survivors of John Burchard's Tepe Gawra salukis, died last week. He was 13.

Int. Ch. Tepe Gawra Baariz, CC, CM, FCh ("Bear")
(October 9, 1995 - August 13, 2008)
photo by Else Karin Rossebø, 10/28/2006

He was a great hunter and always a gentleman. Here he is at Casa Q in his younger days.

He was preceded by his old mate Badaari earlier this year.

Tepe Gawra Badaari
(October 9, 1995 - September 29, 2007)
photo by John Burchard, 12/22/2004

I am glad that John has our Tigger and Prince, a young dog of his old line, to carry on both bloodlines.

Of course, he might have to leave California to do so.


paivi said...

Greetings from a long-time reader from Finland. My condolences: I was very sorry to read about your beautiful salukis passing away. I have the pleasure of sharing my home with a descendant of one of Mr Burchard's Syrian imports (making her a half-sister of Menjad Zafar Al-Baida, I believe) and have been reading about your dogs with great interest. The tazis are truly stunning.

Heather said...

I'm so sorry to hear this.

Here is a photo of Bear and Badaari together, in California in 2006:

Badaari, convinced that she is due to have pups, is digging a nest, and does not care in whose face she kicks sand. Bear bears what he must.

Anonymous said...

Indeed a loss. Sleep well Bear.