Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Links & More

Sorry for light posting. Matt and I have both had deadlines (and his office is moving) and you probably know how busy Reid is already. I am writing some material that COULD lead to something big so posting after today will still be lighter than usual, though I'll try to get in a review or two. Meanwhile: follies, creatures, and other things of interest..

There has been a lot of pitbull stuff out there recently, from the good to the ugly. For the first: most of Michael Vick's dogs have been successfully "rehabilitated" and homed. Of course, many cities continue to ban and kill them, aand PETA disapproves (if PETA loves animals I'd not like to see what they hate). On other fronts, have you heard about the woman who had her pitbull cloned? (The second pic is what explains my reference to "ugly", and one of the others is mildly NSFW). The headline on that article is pretty good but I prefer this one: "Dog- cloner denies she was Mormon kidnapper Joyce McKinney."

More dogs? I don't have a link right now, but MIke Spies and Margory Cohen confirm that the AKC has now withdrawn its opposition to the newly amended version of HB 1634, the notorious California mandatory spay- neuter bill. THey apparently think show dogs are above the fray. But where do you draw the line? "First they came for the cockfighters"-- they just did in Louisiana Who next? Coursing? Falconry? Pigeon racing? ARistas have stated they want all of these banned. Do you honestly think your bird or show dog isn't in their sights?

Reid also sent this link to an op- ed about AR terrorism in the LAT. They WILL kill someone, sooner than later, doubtless in a state like California or Massachusetts where there are labs but self- defense is discouraged.

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Nightmare said...

I heard that AKC has also applied to be an approved registry under Los Angeles very own version of AB1634. Evidently the BoD is too stupid to understand that even applying gives that ordinance legitimacy and will make it harder to fight and overturn. AKC doesn't make a ton of money off of me but they aren't getting any more of it. Idiots.

Mike Spies said...

AKC is a for profit business. They do not represent dog owners, they represent their interests. There are other registries - UKC and The Field Dog Stud Book, where I register my dogs. The author of AB1634 - Lloyd Levine - has termed out and will not be back in the Assembly. HSUS will have to find a new boy... or girl to harass people.

On the ARista firebombers I wrote a bit in my blog... and talked to my son-in-law, who is a police officer in Santa Cruz. They have been at war with the AR fools for some time due to random senseless acts of violence and vandalism. The FBI is currently investigating the latest round of violence as domestic terrorism and attempted murder. Super-sizing a Molotov cocktail and tossing it against someone's front door while they and their family are inside the house is pretty nasty business. Another researcher (working on MICE!!) had his car firebombed in his driveway the same day.

Scum is scum, no matter the cause.

Steve Bodio said...

Forget mice, Mike-- they want to save FRUIT FLIES. Next it will be bacteria..