Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lobster Mushrooms

One of the best, and strangest. Our fellow Mycophile Simon Armijo picked these in the White Mountains of Arizona just over the border from us. We haven't seen them in the local ranges-- maybe they need to be just a bit wetter or higher. The weirdest thing about them is that they parasitize other mushrooms, turning all their tissue to "lobster". (Theoretically they can even do this to toxic species.)

They are as dense as flesh, harder than other edible kinds, and dry well. And they are REALLY good, as is reflected in their price in Asian markets--- if you can find them at all.

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Max Inclined said...

I'm red with envy (hey, you can't tell the difference!) I haven't had a lobster mushroom in years and you got me drooling just thinking about them.