Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blog stumbling

Here's an interesting bit our regular readers will enjoy.

Of course, you regular readers may have found this already.

I give you: Nemo Ramjet interviewing Darren Naish.

Tetrapod Zoology - The Movie - More amazing videos are a click away


Steve Bodio said...

Moro-- did you see yourself in Comments?

Anonymous said...

I have a collection of plastic toy critters that would put this guy to shame--virtually every "niche" in my house is occupied by a plethora of artificial genetic diversity, some arranged in realistic predator/prey "DIE-oramas"! If my home remains preserved in this state, archaeologists are going to have a field day when they dig it up several thousand years from now. Which begs the question, is my collecting such "toys" a geeky, immature quirk, or possibly a deep seated instinct that has attracted our species to figurines and fetishes since Cro-Magnons were carving them out of ivory? My plastic critters do make me feel as if something of the spirit of all of them are abiding with me in my lair....L.B.