Thursday, December 11, 2008

Book Thanks

Lots of Wish List books coming in and WAY behind in reviews and reading-- sorry!
I have finished (and loved) LabRat's contribution, Robert Sapolsky's A Primate's Memoir. On a completely different subject, I recommend Web Parton's bird dog book, A Bond of Passion (I intend to review both).

Chris, your Prehistory of the Silk Road is doing much for my understanding of the movements and symbols of early people there, necessary for my next book. We need to catch up-- it is "ebodio at gilanet dot com". Jack says hi too.

And Randy, thanks for Queen's Gambit, which comes highly recommended, and Otero Mesa. That wild grassland is not far away but has few access points-- I am just starting to explore it. Will review!


Mike Spies said...

Steve, Thanks for the heads up on Web Parton's new book. Already ordered it and will take it to the Caribbean with me to read over Christmas.

Always take lots of T shirts and a satchel full of books.

Steve Bodio said...

Mike-- you also might check out Terry Wieland's new Vintage British Shotguns from Shooting Sportsman Press, which I'll also be reviewing.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, I'd like to get in touch with you about borrowing a photo on your blog--don't know how to do that! Please email me:

Mike Spies said...

Steve -- Terry Wieland? The guy who dissed the 16 gauge and pronounced it dead last year?

I'll check it out, Merry Christmas!