Friday, January 23, 2009

Help for Dutch Salmon

Many readers of this blog know Dutch Salmon-- longdog man, writer, publisher, and a needed voice on the New Mexico Game commission. He was the man we came to New Mexico to visit thirty years ago, and the man who gave us our first saluki. I owe him more than I can ever repay.

Last week the Salmon family suffered a disaster. Let Dan Gauss take it from here:

"We've known Dutch, and his wife, Cherie and son, Buddy for almost 10 years. Just before New Years, Buddy was air-lifted to the University of New Mexico Hospital with a sinus infection that got out of control, first with paralysis, then seizures. He's had at least one brain surgery, and is still hospitalized.

"This has caused financial hardship, and untold wear and tear on vehicles, as there's no easy way to get from Silver City to Albuquerque.. just check a map.. not to mention the cost of lodging in a city hundreds of miles from home."

At the link above Dan has made a handsome T- Shirt featuring Dutch with hare and hound, and a link to a quilt raffle, all proceeds to go to the Salmons. Dutch has given his life to the hounds, to the defense of field sports, and to New Mexico sports folks. Let's all give some back.

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Daniel Gauss said...

Thanks Steve.. the blogosphere really is a powerful tool.