Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Not- so serious links

Dr Hypercube has three great links from English Russia which you should also visit, on reindeer races, Ukrainian Amazons, and wildly implausible airplanes, some of which actually existed (see here.)

The charm of the first is partially linguistic: "People bring their best deers and race, race, race. The looser deers are being eaten then, like, they did not satisfy the expectations, giving the big meals to everyone." The charm of the second is the concept. And the third-- well, you really have to see it!


Anonymous said...

If you drill down in the English Russia sight you will find this following link:


Steve Bodio said...

Some "falcons"!

I love the first bird with attached owl ("Ukhu") plumes. Not so much the bagged game...

Anonymous said...

English Russia is a superbly entertaining site. The fractured English makes it even funnier.