Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vaguely or Not- So- Vaguely Gun Related links

Do you believe in "Gun- Free Zones"? You might want to check out this video. HT Jonathan Hanson.

The shortage of ammunition, especially in popular small handgun loads, seems to make a statement that a LOT of people are interested in self- defense.

Engrish Funny is always fun, but usually through a rather touching innocence. Here, the concept is intentional but insane.

Dave Petzal at Gun Nut posts a version of the old Rules for a Gunfight. The first law is: "Bring a gun. Preferably, bring at least two guns. Bring all of your friends who have guns. " It is good advice-- hilarious but darkly true, and reminds me of this book.
Also at Gun Nut, Philip Bourjaily tells us why to admire Eliza Dushku. I was not aware of her, and agree with Phil that she has all the qualities to attract, as he says, the "superficial male". But what other young actress also has these attributes?

"4. She killed a deer on Christmas day.

"5. PETA hates her. Their January newsletter read: “Dushku attempted to defend herself by saying that it's OK for her to hunt because she eats those she kills. Eliza, please meet [serial killer and cannibal] Jeffrey Dahmer. He ate those he killed, too." "

I might have to find old episodes of Buffy, a show once admired by Odious and Peculiar.


dr. hypercube said...

I am hugely in favor of gun! free! zones. If you could point me to an Ithaca 37 12ga free zone, I'll go and pick up my complimentary pumpgun.

What's that you say? Oh! Sorry - never mind.

LabRat said...

Dushku is definitely good, and I've watched some otherwise pretty awful stuff because it had her in it (which she improved). Yes, in this roundabout fashion I admit that I watched Bring It On. And dammit, she was good in it.

If you really want to see Buffy-with-Dushku, we have the DVDs...

mdmnm said...

The shortage of ammunition is really surprising. On the Midway website, most 9mm and 45 ACP is listed as out of stock and a couple of weeks ago 2 local Walmarts were out of both- this on top of a 30-50% price increase for many brands and loads over the last two years.

Steve Bodio said...

I bought up a lot of .45 this summer, plus .30 30, .303 Brit, and .22. I have a case of 16 gauge, and have so much 12 it's ridiculous. You know what Derb says about nuclear weapons...

mdmnm said...

I wish I'd bought a lot more a couple of years ago. My favorite .22 load (the Rem. subsonic-quiet and accurate) has gone from $17/500 to $26/500. Good for you on the 12 ga.- Federal discontinued the "Vintage Gold Medal" low pressure load that they were supplying to MidwayUSA