Thursday, February 12, 2009

Web Miscellany

Nanny state alert: New York City declares war on salt.

Great pictures of nanodreadlocks and fossil poop in case you missed them. And that's not just any fossil poop, that's moa poop!

A fascinating piece in the WaPo - 30 years ago a fellow bought (for a song!) an antique cabinet that turns out to have belonged to Alfred Russel Wallace. It's filled with treasures!

Just because you know a lot about art, doesn't mean you know a lot about animals.

Not sure what to make of this one: 'Pre-historic Viagra' found in Siberian mammoth DNA could boost your sex life and let you live longer . Nicholas Wade, call your office!


Cat Urbigkit said...

It drives ranchers crazy to see western art with the horse's legs not in proper sequence. I've actually heard that complaint numerous times in small-town Wyoming. No critic like an art critic, eh?

Fun posts today!

Moro Rogers said...

I admit that I usually don't think too hard about accurate animal gaits when I'm drawing.
Now, when people misunderstand animal joints, making horses' joints bend backwards and stuff...that bugs me a lot.^^ Also people who animate birds with rubbery wings, hehe.