Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Web Miscellany

Chas has joined the local volunteer fire department and thinks he may get called to duty during today's Red Flag alert. Early this morning I saw a couple of Army Blackhawk helicopters headed south to help fight a big fire at Ft. Carson.

Cowboy poets get a fair amount of press - Baxter Black used to be on NPR all the time. I must admit I've never heard anything about fisher poets. Maybe I just live in the wrong part of the country.

Tough economic times bring a rise in homeless horses.

A new moon has been discovered orbiting Saturn, hiding in one of the rings. That brings the total up to 61, I believe. In grade school, I remember just trying to keep straight that Saturn had eight moons and Jupiter twelve.

People are coming out of the woodwork all claiming to own this 840 pound emerald. Where do I sign up? That's like 1.9 million carats if my math is correct.

Wild boars (and other critters) are terrorizing Germans. Yes that's b - o - a - r - s.

The fact that we even have to have "Good Samaritan" Laws speaks volumes about our modern culture.

Just as conditions seem to have stabilized some in Iraq, the southern marshes are under threat again. Probably just as well that Wilfred Thesiger has gone to his reward.

Some industrial archaeology has unearthed a bottle of the first batch of plutonium, vintage 1944. Someone call the Atomic Nerds.

Booming business, collecting dead people's debts from bereaved relatives who have no legal obligation to pay them. I'm at a loss for words.

An octopus disassembles a valve in her aquarium tank and floods the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Amazing what you can do without opposable thumbs.


Beth said...

Enjoy your blog Steve. Thanks for all the hard work. Thought of you when I saw these photos of Kazakh hunters and their birds.


Dan & Margaret said...

Here's some miscellany for you: An anonymous source informed me recently that a certain writer who appears on the masthead of this fine blog is turning a magical 60 years old today! Said source also mentioned he's cranky about it, but would still love the attention, so Happy Birthday Steve! I may have to put something up on the Hare-Brained Express Blog...

Nagrom said...

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Dan & Margaret said...

I heard immediately from Steve who set the record straight that, yes, today is his birthday, but no, he's only 59. (Man, all that white hair had me fooled). A mistake of that magnitude is going to force me to reveal my source, because you'd think Steve's sister, Karen, would know how many birthdays he's had! :D Happy Birthday anyway.

Matt Mullenix said...

Reid: Great web misc.!

Steve: Happy Birthday! I turn 39 in a couple months. I plan to turn 39 several more times after that too.

mdmnm said...

Another Piscene. Belated Happy Birthday, Steve!

Steve Bodio said...

Mny thanks to all- I had a good one. May even blog a present...