Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More State Overreaching...

.. here and in England.

A good update on the other disastrous bill in the House.

Still ANOTHER HR atrocity: a bill to censor (among other things) the web. I know they don't get the Second Amendment; apparently the first is missing too. The day I have to say nice things about PETA or gun grabbers I shut down and go underground.

In England, Otis Ferry, a master of foxhounds (and son of rocker Bryan Ferry) has been held without bail for four months on charges of assaulting a hunt saboteur. Now he has been released. Good you say? Not entirely. James Marchington, the Shooting Editor, explains.

"Prosecutor Kerry Barker told Gloucester Crown Court: "I don't intend to explain in a public court why those instructing me took the decision they took. The reasons why are not a matter that is or should be in the public domain."

"Smells decidedly fishy to me. If there wasn't any evidence, what was the justification for locking him up? And if there was, why are they being so mysterious about not presenting it in court?

"Maybe I've been watching Spooks too much, but it sounds a bit like one of those scenarios where the security services don't want details of their surveillance methods to come out in open court."

Follow Marchington's links too.

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