Monday, June 15, 2009

The Mighty Tranter

While browsing at The Suburban Bushwacker I was introduced to a new blog With the unlikely name of Lone Star Parson. It seems SB and LSP were partners in a punk band years go before LSP became an Anglican priest and moved to Texas. Whether he was a gun nut in England or not, he has become one! The whole blog is a delight but what moved me to envy was this .50 caliber Tranter revolver. Is that not the perfect steampunk handgun? To hell with S & W's 50--it's so ... modern. I want one of these.

There is a Wiki page on Tranters but it is machine- translated from German and, be warned, it includes sentences like this one:

"Especially, the double deduction Tranter revolvers, this was below the trigger guard a second vent at the margins of a rooster served."

If any of my more capable colleagues could get me the pic of the one on the Parson's site to post here I'd appreciate it!


gwood said...

If you want a black powder self defense weapon, get a LeMat. Nine rounds of .44 and a 20 gauge buckshot barrel. Available by mail from Cabelas.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Thanks for the mention, glad you like LSP. He's one of a kind.